We’ve been diving caves, wrecks, and reefs for many years, but have decided to check out the various other outdoor activities in our region, most of which don’t require as much fuel to get to!! This is a window into our journey!

We started riding mountain bikes at the beginning of June 2008, and most of our blog seems to be documenting that adventure. Some of our cycling may seem very elementary, but what can we say, we are n00bs to riding. Near the end of July 2008, we invested in some good road bikes.

Most of our riding together is on paved trails… namely, segments of the Little Miami Scenic Trail, but we are also venturing off road to the thrill of mountain bike trails.  You’ll also find us working on mastering the inclines between our home and the Ohio River.

In August 2009, we added a couple of Surly Long Haul Trucker touring bikes to our stable.  Bikes are an addiction now, and it’s hard to say where it will lead…. hopefully on some nice long rides!

If you’re new, share your trials and joys with us. If you’re experienced, we’d appreciate your insight. If you’re just reading our blog to see what we’re up to, we’d love to hear from you!

You can find attempts at staying fit on the QuestForFitness Blog.

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