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Nope… I haven’t forgetten about this blog

January 29, 2010

While we had a couple of nice hikes over Thanksgiving (Caesar Creek SP and East Fork SP) as well as a mountain bike ride at East Fork SP on the easy trail, which I failed to record, most of our activities have moved indoors and resulted in a multitude of entries in our Quest for Fitness blog, which has entered it’s 2nd year.  Staying physically active, whether its cycling, hiking, Olympic Weightlifting or other, has been our most significant focus.

On January 23rd, we had a fortuitous break in the weather for January…. 50F and even a spot or two of sunshine…. so I threw the bike hitch back on and we loaded up to go over and ride on the Little Miami Trail.

Cycled 15 miles, 1:15, average pace was quite low, but leisurely.

Nice gentle ride… just out enjoying the wind in our face and the fresh sights after doing exercise indoors for the past few months.. even saw a deer and couple of small ani-mules.  There were over 20 cyclist out on the trail and road taking advantage of a rare January day suitable for riding.

Just as quickly as the nice weather appeared, it disappeared, and we’ve been mired in below freezing temps for the past week.  I’m glad I had the foresight to take the bike hitch back off the Jeep while it was still warm.