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Rappelling and Rope Climbing

March 16, 2009

Saturday, we met a friend of ours, Dave Berman, near Conkle’s Hollow, in Hocking Hills, Ohio, for day of rappelling and rope climbing.  It had been since last June that we had rappelled with Dave, and we were looking forward to it.

I realize it wasn’t nearly as humid as last year, but the hike up to the top of the plateau was nearly as bad as I remembered it to be.  Last year I was winded and worn out just getting up on top.  This year, the hiking pace was faster, so we were still breathing fast, but the recovery was much much quicker… I attribute that to the CrossFit workouts we’ve been doing for the past month or so at the gym. (My workouts since early January are chronicled in a separate blog “Quest for Fitness“).

Once we got to site, Dave started setting up the ropes.

After Penny took a rappel down, I went over the cliff.

One of the things that we tried this year was rope climbing with a North American style “ascender” system.  This was fun to get a feel for how the components of this particular system worked.  I felt like I had danglies all over me though.  We also got to watch Sarah using more of a European-style ascender to practice going up and down with.

Here’s our new friend Sarah as she descends over the top.

Here’s Penny getting instruction from Dave on how to climb the rope and feed it smoothly through the ascenders.

I got my turn at ascending too and had a great time doing it!

This was a great day!  Hiking, rappelling, and ascending rope…. and we’re looking forward to more of the same!  Hopefully we can synch our schedule with Dave’s a bit more this year!

This is the kind of beauty and nature that’s hard to enjoy just sitting on a couch!

There’s a some more pics from the day in our Facebook album.


45 Mile Ride on the Little Miami Trail

March 8, 2009

Saturday was a gorgeous day in the mid 70’s so we went for our first bike ride of the season. Probably a bit ambitious, but good nonetheless, as it was a nice “stretch attempt” for a first ride of the year. I guess we wanted to see what CrossFit workouts had done for us aerobically so far. With the exception of bike specific aches and pains (saddle, arm/hand position), things felt good.  More about our workouts can be found on our Quest for Fitness blog

My last time on the bike/rollers had been about 2 months ago to focus on other physical activities, and I was surprised how quickly my body “grew foreign” to the saddle. We biked 72k/45 miles on the Little Miami Trail up to Corwin and back, fighting a heavy headwind on the way back, but we still had a quicker time on the 2nd half.

We’d originally planned to stop for lunch in Corwin at the Corwin Peddler, especially since the place in Oregonia burned down, but unfortunately, it was closed.  I’m guessing it’s not open for the season yet.  Nor were any of the permanent restrooms open yet for the season, so we had to avail ourselves of the porta-lets we would pass at the community parks and ball diamonds that we’d pass.

Despite the carb, protein, and electrolytes we snacked on, our energy levels see-sawed up and down on the ride. We’ll have to get back in the nice groove we had going last fall to be more consistent with our energy output.

Time: 3hr 41min

Penny thinks that should be a fair substitute for the 5k run that was supposed to be the CrossFit workout today.

We wore our jersey with the pink stripe and “WIN” logo in support of Fatty’s wife who is battling terminal cancer.