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Testing a GoPro Bike/Helmet Cam

June 30, 2009

I initially wanted to do a 5 or 10k row tonight, but my GoPro Bike/Helmet Cam showed up at the door today, so of course, that became the priority!  After I toyed with it for a bit, I took it out for a test video and did a 3.5 mile once-around of the neighborhood.


Peddling a 30 mile Roundtrip to eat at the Corwin Peddler

June 27, 2009

Today was a pretty hot day, especially for this early in the summer.  So what did we choose to do? You got it!  Go for a bike ride!  Actually it was pretty nice.  If you stood directly in the sun, you baked and were soaked in short order, but riding in the shade on the trail with the wind whipping in your face, now that was pleasant!

Our seats were still just a smidge tender from the 25 mile ride earlier in the week, but we wanted to increase the miles a bit.  Grabbing a bite at the Corwin Peddler sounded like a great idea, but from our normal starting point, that would be a 45 roundtrip.  For the most part, we are physically and mentally ready for a ride like this, or longer, but our butts just don’t have enough mileage this year for that yet.  Penny says, why don’t we drive over to Morrow and start from there.  Great idea!  That chopped 15 miles off the round trip and let us play a bit with the ride intensity.

We took it fairly easy on the way North to the Corwin Peddler.  One of the things we really appreciated was that all of the bridges in ill-repair had been either paved or had new oak planks thanks to efforts by the Little Miami State Park Friends Group.  This was a major change since the last time we road through here in March.  That last time here, Peddler had been closed for the season, but now if was quite busy, serving ice cream, meals, renting bikes, or selling bike repair items.

Penny posed for me in front of the Corwin Peddler.

After we ate, we were feeling pretty good, so we played some with the intensity, pushing the pace higher than we’d done so far this year.  We got to Oregonia and I asked if she realized that we’d just sailed through 5 miles.

Feeling froggy, we upped the pace a little more until we hit the Fort Ancient section where the I-71 bridge crosses.  At that point we took turns drafting and cruising at 20mph…. not that it’s that high, but we wanted to hold this for as long as possible…. finally settling back to 17mph after a few miles and then a relaxing cooldown when we got within a mile of the vehicle.

It was a great ride and we had a fun time today!


25 Miles Down the Little Miami Trail

June 23, 2009

We attempted to do a relaxing bike ride down the Little Miami Trail.  While for the most part is was, it’s always tough to hold Penny back, even when she’s tired and needs to go easy.  “Pedal ’til you bonk” is her motto!! 🙂  I did manage to persuade her to make multiple stops and stretches so that any other workouts this week would not be hindered by what was supposed to be our easy ride tonight.  I knew my seat was still adjusting to the saddle this year… in fact, the new bib shorts are padded differently and I’m still making a major adjustment to them.

We headed down to Loveland, and then beyond to Branch Hill Road.  It was a fun ride, with a few spurts of spunk from Penny, especially at the end when she made me go 22 miles per hour against my will to keep up with her… lol.  Evenso, it was a great 25 mile ride as we continue to build saddle time this year.


Sailing on the Brig Niagara, a replica from the War of 1812.

June 21, 2009

Penny wanted to take her father out on an afternoon trip on the Brig Niagara because he likes sailing vessels.  At 84 years old, he gets around remarkably well, so rather than just tour the vessel at dock, we signed up as “Day Students” for a 6 hour cruise around Presque Isle, PA.

The ship is staffed by a few Professional sailors, as well as students that live on her for 2-3 weeks, or the entire sailing season.  Because this isn’t a passenger vessel, anyone that wants to go out on her does so as a “student”, which means that you can participate as much or as little as you want in the operations.

Only those with prior approval and training can go aloft, but there are still many tasks on deck that give you a good feel for what it’s like to have been to crew a vessel in the Golden Age of sail!

We got hit by some heavy down pours and wind, but the Captain avoided most of the T-Storm cells that were lurking around.  At one point, we had to go to anchor and drop all sails because things got a bit fierce, but being able to see and participate in this was a blast!!  Most of the time, the crew doesn’t get to drop anchor much, so it was cool to see the flurry of activity when making the ship ready for the expected squall!

After the storms passed, the ship was put through several maneuvers to demonstrate how to catch wind to isolate and move either the bow or stern around.  The angle on the yard arms was pretty cool to see!

Notice how the yard arm on the left (top)  is at a steep angle and pointed very acutely toward the bow (bottom) mast.

The funding to continue the history is in jeopardy due to the current economy, so support is important if you like this sort of thing.  We hope to do this again if it’s still available next season!

Visit their Brig Niagara website.


Cycling 20 Miles on the Little Miami Trail

June 14, 2009

Since we have a fairly regular workout schedule involving weightlifting/powerlifting, rowing, and crossfit-style activities, we haven’t been cycling as much this year.  Last year, cycling WAS our only exercise, so we did it a lot more.  So today, we focused on just doing a slow recreational ride and enjoying an absolutely beautiful day.  The goal was to do a 20 mile ride… not ’cause our legs couldn’t handle it, but our wrists and butts didn’t have enough cycling miles on this year, so no sense making this an uncomfortable endurance event.

Penny had ordered us some new cycling clothes in support of Fat Cyclist.  His wife is battling cancer, and this is just one small way to show our support.

Once we got warmed up a bit, we stopped in Morrow for a quick stretch, a Twitter update, and upload a couple of pics to Facebook.

Our game plan was to cruise up to Morgan’s livery and check their rates for canoe trips down the Little Miami River.  This was a great turn around point for our ride today, as it almost exactly 10 miles from our starting point.

After we inquired about rates, we grabbed a chicken sandwich and sat down for a few.  At that time, a lady and her son came back up from the canoes and returned their gear.  They had cycled down from the Columbus area and were just cycling down the trail enjoying whatever whim they wanted, including a brief canoe trip.  She asked if we were from the area and was trying to see what hotels might be available down the road.  We gave her some insight and then ventured back down the trail toward home.

We stopped at Miranda’s Ice Cream in Morrow, grabbing a frozen sugar-free dessert.  About the same time, the skies darkened and it began raining lightly as we got back on the bikes.  The closer we got back to the vehicle, the heavier the rain got, but it was pleasantly warm… and even a bit fun… especially knowing we were almost done with the ride!

What a great day!!