General Bike Riding

Surly Long Haul Trucker Touring Bikes

Morrow2Corwin March 09

35F Ride in November 08

Mountain Biking Oakwood Park in Napoleon, OH Nov 08

East Fork Mountain Biking Oct 08

North Coast Inland Trail (Fremont to Clyde) Oct 08

Springfield (Betty) to Xenia Station 080730

Springfield (Betty Station) to Yellow Springs 080729

Surface pcs at Gilboa Quarry 080727

Riding to Loveland for some Hawaiian Ice 080724

Ice Cream Run to Morrow 080723

Our New Cannondale Bikes

2008 Dayton Airshow

Our First Metric Century 080713
Experiencing the Hill of Death 080620
Morrow to Corwin 80621
Another Try at the Hill of Death 080625
Caesar Creek Bike Trails 080629
Corwin to Xenia 080704
Loveland to Newtown 080705
Flat Tire and Mangled Bearings
Kingsview Industrial Park to Morrow 080709
Lebanon YMCA Trail 080711



  1. Nice banner!! 😛

  2. I see some of the same themes in your workout routines as I use…will exercise for food. You have more adventuresome versions, but it’s all good!

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