30 Miles on the Little Miami Trail July 17

July 17, 2011

This is something that we missed out on last year…. riding any significant distance on the trail during summer.  We were just too darn busy remodeling our house we bought.

We started the ride in Newtown and headed to Loveland, turned around and headed back to the vehicle.  I’d put new Marathon Schwalbe Supreme tires on both our bikes….. 32mm on hers, and 42mm on mine.  I’d given her new tubes and re-used my old ones.  Unfortunately, I think I pinched my rear tube and it had a slow leak.  Didn’t realize it until I’d gotten to the park.  Too late… didn’t have the pump with me, so I rode with it low (had inflated it a couple of days prior).  The extra drag from a lowish tire is a real drag.  I honestly thought something was wrong with my bike… even had it checked out at the bike shop.  They pointed out what should have been obvious to me… that a low big tire causes a hellava lot more drag than a pumped up smaller tire… hence why Penny was able to dust me pretty handily.


After I got the bike checked out (great bill of health), I changed the tubes and also put my 37mm Conti Contacts back on for the hill practice I want to do around the house.  The less rolling resistance I can get the better for  climbing until I get the legs/lungs built up for it.  Even with the tire issue, it was fun to get out together and ride!



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