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Little Miami Scenic Trail Closure: MM15-16

September 11, 2009

This is a notice that the riverbank restoration project just south of Corwin on the Little Miami Scenic Trail will begin this coming Monday morning September 14, 2009. Trail closures may be expected between September 14 and October 14, 2009. Barricades will be placed in the area of MM 15 and 16, just south of the Corwin Village limits. Trail users are advised to use the Corwin Staging area for points north on the trail and the Caesar Creek Access staging area for points south.

Our thanks go to Marsha Rolph with the Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District for coordinating work and securing the EPA Grant funding for this project. As many of you are aware, we were in danger, in the very near future, of losing that portion of trail due to riverbank erosion. It is expected that this project will restore a sustainable bank slope and preserve the original railroad/trail base.

We regret the inconvenience of a trail closure. However, it became apparent during our last site visit that due to the extent of the erosion and the size of the heavy equipment required to conduct the repairs, that a safe route around the project would not be possible. We ask our loyal park users to bear with us as we make these continued improvements to ensure the integrity of the trail.

If you have any further questions please give me a call.

Thank you,

Alan Ferguson
Park Manager
Ohio State Parks
Cowan Lake Region


Friends of Little Miami State Park Trail

November 17, 2008

The Little Miami State Park is unique as far as State Parks go.  It is a linear park that is 60 feet wide by approx. 60 miles long.  This presents opportunities for maintenance coverage, and even funding.  Most State Parks can gather additional funding for projects and such via camping fees and concessions.  LMSP has none of these, so is limited to the state funding it receives.  This, among other challenges like bridge repair, are why a vision for a friends group modeled after what some other state parks have was conceived.

Last night was the kick-off meeting for the new Friends of “Little Miami State Park Trail” group.  The turn-out was incredible, drawing people from many walks (and rides) of life, including former Governor Bob Taft.

The primary agenda was to inform everyone of Simeon’s thoughts on what the group should be focused on, and then elect an interim Officer core to get the ball rolling.  This would enable the group to start writing by-laws and apply for 503-c status.

Simeon didn’t lobby for the position, but with all the leg work he’s vested in this kick-off, he was unanimously elected as President. Even when there was more than one person interested in a position, compromises and graciousness were very apparent with the group.  The first steps of this group are off to a very promising start.  I wrote down some areas where Penny and I would be willing to help out, and I’m looking forward to working with a group that has such a great “can-do” attitude!

Simeon started an information page on his Corwin Peddler site.

I also created a Facebook Group for the Friends of Little Miami State Park Trail.
(I’ll turn this over to a webmaster or group IT rep when they desire, or help maintain this page myself).


50K/32 Mile Ride from Kingsview to Oregonia

August 20, 2008

Tonight, Penny needed some quality time with her daughter, so I was able to get all my bike gear ready and hit the trail before she got home, gaining some valuable daylight.  I debated whether to take the extremely hilly route and tackle the “Hill of Death” or go for distance…. distance won…. so I quickly charted some options depending on how I might feel once on the ride.  I figured that Oregonia would be about the maximum that I could make happen riding by myself with just a couple of hours of daylight, so off I went.

Not more than a mile into the ride, something hit me in the stomach, and I felt a sting through my shirt… damn… pulling off, I gave the sting a couple of squirts of the benadryl spray from my pack, and continued on.  After a while, I didn’t even think about it again.

Stopping in Morrow at the 7 mile mark, I did some more stretching after my legs had warmed up, then continued on.  I’d forgotten that this section of the trail is a deceptive incline up toward Oregonia.  To the eye, it looks flat, but when you stop pedaling, it doesn’t take long to come to a stop.  Everytime I reached a road I recognized, I made a mental note of how I felt, then continued on.  So far, it wasn’t feeling too bad.  In fact, I wasn’t even aware of the seat.  Getting closer to Oregonia, I started encountering more families out for a ride on the trail, so it made passing a bit tenuous with kids darting to and fro on their bikes… brickin’ brackin’ sassafrassin’……

Reaching Oregonia, I downed an energy packet and energy bar, then did some more stretches.  I also made a quick call to Penny so that she would have a clue where I was on the trail.  Heading back toward home, it quickly became apparent that most of the trail was on a decline, so I pushed the pace as much as I could.  As always, the wind rushing past feels pretty great.  There are a couple of sections that are slight inclines, so I used those to give me legs a break from the high RPM’s, but when back on the declines, I stood on it as much as I could.

I got back to the vehicle just as the day was turning to dusk.  As I loaded my bike, the caucophony of sound from the insects reminded me what a great summer evening this was for a 50K/32 mile ride.


Loveland to Camp Dennison Loop

August 19, 2008

I was hungry when I got home from training in Springfield tonight, and running far enough ahead of schedule that I decided to fix some dinner for us before we rode.  That put us a bit back on time, but Penny wanted a short ride anyway and I agreed.

Instead of lining up to do the usual rides, we loaded up the bikes and ran over to Loveland to get a different starting point.  Often times we do a loop that turns around in Loveland, but we haven’t started a ride there since we got the road bikes.  This section is a bit rougher than I recall that it was, especially since the road bikes are “hyper sensitive” to all of the patches and roots making bumps in the trail.  It was a whole lot smoother on the mountain bikes… LOL.  …. I know… stop you’re whining!!

I find it a bit funny that when heading south out of Loveland down toward the Ohio River, it seems the trail should be mostly down hill, but quite a bit is uphill.  When my perception doesn’t match reality, I start imagining that my brakes are dragging, or bearings are going out… but on the way back from Camp Dennison, we enjoyed a much better pace and had to keep bumping the gears up higher to keep the pedal cadence under control.  I wasn’t looking for a 100+ RPM cadence tonight, so just gave in and kept shifting.

We made one short stop for some light stretching, but otherwise, since we got started well after 7pm, we didn’t have much daylight to burn to get back to the vehicle.  Two things we need to add to our list: Lights on the bikes for night riding, and clear or yellow glasses to keep the bugs out of our eyes when the sunglasses are too dark for riding.  I’m thinking I also need a mouth guard ’cause I keep inhaling and choking on bugs… {rolleyes}


Higher mileage for an evening ride

August 18, 2008

With the sun setting quicker, we’re are starting to run short of daylight for our evening rides.  The problem is typically that Penny gets home later from her long drive home and we don’t get on the bike path until 7pm or after.  Tonight we decided to make a stronger faster ride of it and get a few more miles of it, pushing the “light barrier”.

I got a call on the way home from Springfield that the service work was done on our bikes, so I dropped down  and picked them up before going home.  (As a side note, I rode next to the #20 Tony Stewart NASCAR car hauler for several miles down I-75 on the way home. They were on their way back home from the Michigan race yesterday.)

We decided we wanted to head to Morrow, and go past it to the first road/canoe livery about 3 miles outside of town.  I was feeling tight, but not quite cramping on the way there, so we stopped in Morrow at the park for some additional stretching.  After that I felt pretty good.  We pushed on through to Strout Rd where we quickly ate an energy bar and packet (neither of us had anything since lunch.)

While I’ve had longer evening rides when I was working out of town, I also had more daylight to work with, so tonight was our longest evening bike ride.  This was nice especially since had a tough time seeing on the trail near the end because the tree canopy is pretty dense.  After the energy bars kicked in, we had a nice stretch were I pushed a moderately intense pace and Penny tucked in for a nice draft.  That was only fair since I’d ridden the first half of the trip mostly behind or beside her.  My legs seem to take longer to warm up than hers, so that works out well.

It was a very nice 20 mile ride!