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Testing Driving A New Brooks Flyer Saddle

April 10, 2010

I got a nice Brooks saddle off ebay, and Penny gave it a 15 mile test ride while I tweaked the adjustments. Plan B was to put it on my mountain bike… I don’t think she’s going to give it up though…. LOL… Now she has a shiny black Brooks Flyer saddle and she was loving the springs when riding over the bumps.

Absolutely gorgeous day for a ride.  Outbound, we intentionally kept the speed below 10mph and gawked around at the scenery.  We even got passed by a Dad with two kids on their own bikes…. I tried to convince Penny that it was absolutely empowering to not react to that and lay the hammer down…. LOL.

We turned around in Morrow, but not before I tweaked the nose down on Penny’s new seat.  She immediately felt the positive effect of that change.

On the way back we started off relatively slowly, and at one of the stop signs got passed by three guys on mountain bikes, one of them with full suspension and large knobby tires, no less!  I commented to Penny that the guy with the full suspension was expending lots of energy.  Sure enough, he dropped back to the point where we were nearly drafting off of him.  I felt kinda bad because we were hardly putting any effort into it at all despite having our heavy steel touring bikes.  We kept creeping up on him and finally I told Penny to drop in behind me as I decided to pick ’em up and put ’em down.  We quickly passed all three and Penny caught the “speed fever” and bumped our speed to almost  18mph…. nice cruising speed, but not sustainable for our unseasoned legs.  Despite that, by the time we reached South Lebanon and looked back, the 3 guys on MTB’s were no where to be seen.  I could tell she enjoyed that! 🙂


Short Intense Bike Ride

September 11, 2009

Haven’t been feeling myself for the past few days…. heavy bruising and back twinges.  Loading and Unloading training equipment for work today didn’t help.  But I just didn’t feel like sitting around all evening, so we went for a short 6 mile road ride…. some nice rollers with a couple of good moderate hills.  Despite the hills, we kept the average pace at over 17 mph, and just coasted down the hills, so the average speed wasn’t padded much (max speed 24mph).

When I hit the hills, I didn’t change gears, but instead forced myself out of the saddle to power over the top.  This help toast my quads pretty fast, but in a good way.

Lately, we’ve OD’d with LSD on our LHT’s… or we’ve been doing entirely too much “long slow distance” mileage on our touring bikes on the relatively flat rail trails.  I’ll never get my legs any stronger like that, so this short intense rolling hill workout was just the ticket we needed for a change of pace!!  Also… I think I finally have my Black B17 saddle dialed in nicely.  I rode without any padded bike shorts… just compression shorts and gym shorts….. NICE!!

Here’s to “Rockin’ the Rollers!”


Assisted an injured cyclist, and took a new saddle for a 40 mile ride

July 24, 2009

Today was interesting…. Inspired by the 11,000 mile adventure of the Project Tandem cyclists the other day, and after reading stories in the Adventure Cycling magazine, I again fell prey to the cycling bug  and ordered a touring bike… a Surly Long Haul Trucker (frame description).

Also, I’ve been a bit disappointed with my current saddle….. it’s not really the saddle’s fault… it’s a good one.  However, it needs to be ridden with a low profile… something akin to having the seat a bit higher than the handle bars, but I like a more upright position.  When I ride down in the drops, the saddle works well, but my shoulders and neck are really sore when I’m done riding.  If I ride in an upright position, then my backside suffers quite a bit, starting around the 25 mile mark.  I’ve tried to build up my tolerance to it, but to no avail… the discomfort remains.  So after reading many good things regarding the leather Brooks saddles in the touring articles I’ve been reading, I decided to actively seek one out.

The West Chester location of Montgomery Cyclery had the exact ones I’ve been investigating, the B17 and B67.  The B17 seemed more suitable for my current road bike, and possibly on the touring bike as well.  The B67 with it’s springs, could be good for upright positioning on a touring bike.  I got the smaller B17 and I’ll see how that works out.  My plans are to use it on my road bike, then transfer it to the new Surly touring bike when I start breaking-in that bike.

Penny had emailed me that she was too tired for a ride tonight (some neighbors wear out partying until 3am), and that I should head out on my own.  So I immediately installed the new saddle on my road bike and took it out for a test.  I figured a few miles would be good, but I was making minor tweaks to the positioning for the first 5 miles or so, so I kept adding more miles… 10… 20… 25… 30… ah heck… let’s just ride to the end of the Little Miami trail in Newtown.  Well… it seemed like a good idea… after all… the saddle needed a real test… however, it also needs to be broken in first… even so, the saddle performed incredibly well.  I couldn’t believe how great it felt.  Instead, what was suffering was my legs from the Back Squats and Deadlifts yesterday… ya see… this was supposed to be an easy day, or an active rest day… lol… I think I overshot that a bit…. but heh… 40 miles is my 2nd longest ride for this year so far…. now I know that when I decide to go for 50, 75, or even 100 miles, I’ve finally got a saddle that performs well!!

On my return leg of the ride, I came up on a rider that was down on the trail.  A car had stopped at the stop sign, and when the cyclist came up on the spot, the sight of the car startled the rider.  He apparently slammed the brakes and jerked the wheel, sending himself to the ground.  As I approached, the driver had gotten out of his car out of concern and the cyclist was laying out flat and just starting to move.  As the first cyclist on the scene, I pulled into the grass and got off my bike.  Before I could lay my bike down, the cyclist had started getting up, saying he was okay, but he quickly went out and fell like a tree, slamming his forehead into the paved trail quite hard.  Not good.  The driver responded quickly and called 911 while I tried to reassure the cyclist as he came to and keep him calm.  Eventually, he wanted to sit in the shade in the grass rather than the hot trail, so we assisted him over.

Some other cyclists left us with some tissues and disinfectant soap, so he cleaned some of the blood off his hands and such.  While waiting for the EMS, the cyclist was quite alert, so we made sure he had water and energy gel.  One of the interesting things was that he was riding a Century ride… 100 miles, and was just 8 miles from the finish.  Apparently he’d done this a few times already and drove over from Indianapolis to ride the Little Miami Trail about once a year.

We heard the EMS go by out on the main road, and the car driver mentioned that they probably would have a hard time finding us, so I rode out to the main road and helped direct them in.  After they started looking after the cyclist, the driver said he’d drive the cyclist back to his car if he was released by the EMS.  However, he had such a nasty contusion on his forehead that I was wondering if he would require observation.  There wasn’t much left that I could do, so I finished the remaining 15 miles of my own ride, conscious of the fact that I’d left my Road ID bracelet with all my contact information in my car… {roll eyes}

I was pretty toasted after the ride, and started fueling up again on my way home.  What was funny was one of the neighbor’s son was trying to talk me into going on a local 40 mile group ride tomorrow morning… well… aside from an importance Tour de France stage being on, I don’t think my legs would be real happy for a long ride… lol