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Touring Boldt Castle

August 8, 2008

Many of the Zendiving group arrived Thursday night, so they had planned a dive out to the Kingshorn, just off the shore of Rockport.  We’d been wanting to find the time to tour Boldt Castle, so we opted out of the dive since we had done it earlier in the week.

Leaving out of Rockport, the 30 minute boat ride to the castle was a pleasant one, with some commentary about things like the “Shortest International Bridge” between the U.S. and Canada.  It runs between two small islands owned by a family.

Once at the dock, we had to clear through U.S. Customs, buy a ticket, then started touring the grounds of the castle.

The castle has a tragic story of love and unrealized dreams attached to it.  George Boldt had started building the castle as a present to his wife.  Four years into the project, she died at the age of 45 in 1904.  Boldt had all work ceased immediately, and never returned to the site.

The castle suffered much disrepair and vandalism over the years, but in 1977, the local Bridge Authority took over the property and started maintaining and finishing what had never been completed.  The castle grounds and many of the rooms in the castle, especially the first floor, and quite stunning now.  They also have many of the unfinished rooms open for viewing, and even with evidence of vandalism, the incomplete rooms are quite spectacular.

Penny took over 350 pics with her new camera, and many of the are very nice.  Hopefully when we get back home, I’ll be able to upload a couple of them.  It was definitely worth the trip over to the castle!