Picture taking at Halls Creek Wood Preserve

October 19, 2009

By the time that Penny gets home, there isn’t much daylight left anymore, but we decided to head over to Halls Creek Wood Preserve.   She wanted to test her new tripod and remote trigger on her Canon camera.

We hiked back along the semi-dry creek bed where she set up on the rocks.  She does lots of fussing and testing and …. and… and…. so I’d planned ahead and brought our little point-n-shoot.  I’ve done very little in the way of macro shooting, so I wanted to get up close and personal with some of the fauna in the area.

Here are a some of the better shots I got using Macro mode.


Penny shoots photos in RAW mode, so she is still processing and sorting through her pics, but from the initial results,  she got some “Silky Water” using a 30 second exposure, and she’s pretty happy!


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