Google Maps and Little Miami Trail

October 18, 2009

Google Maps, and MapMyRide, which uses the Google mapping engine, now has incorporated the Little Miami Scenic Trail.  What’s really cool is that on MapMyRide, the auto-route feature can be used to create routes on the trail.  For the past year I’ve had to do this manually.

Kudos to Google Maps!

Here’s an example of using Google Maps from Loveland to Corwin on the Little Miami Trail.  I had to select “Walking” and manually move from the roads to the trail, but it’s only a matter of time before the Trail is incorporated automatically into the routing for walking and/or cycling.

Google Maps is also polling for suggestions of trails to send their “camera” trike.  These pics will be added to the Street View of those trail routes.  Vote for the Little Miami Scenic Trail!


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