Small Tweaks and Equipment Testing on the Surly LHT’s

September 13, 2009

Today, my back was still tight…. but I didn’t want an intense bike ride.  Instead, we focused on relatively easy spinning and testing some tweaks to the touring bikes.  We both wanted some changes to our handle bars, so we headed out on the road.  I raised Penny’s handlebar and rotated mine.

We both hit the road without any padding, using the Columbia Road, Turtlecreek Rd-Mason Morrow Rd loop.  I tried to wear casual shorts over compression shorts, but my I should have grabbed my longer compression shorts.  The casual shorts kept rubbing and grabbing my leg hair… ouch!!  It wasn’t too terrible though.  On our way back to the vehicle I rotated Penny’s handlebar and then later bumped her seat forward.

I left my casual shorts at the vehicle before we headed out again on the bike path just to get some miles for Penny’s saddle change.  Using the Little Miami Trail, we headed up towards Morrow.  It’s quite different dealing with pedestrians and bike traffic after doing quite a bit of riding on the road recently.  Not better or worse, per se… just different.

My unpadded bum was starting to complain a bit, even though my seat is pretty comfortable, so we turned around at Stubbs Mill Rd.  I can’t complain… 16 miles is pretty good with no padding… more than I’d attempted previously!

I think I have a few more handlebar tweaks to make, but I’m getting close.  Should be ready for a Metric Century (100K/62M) or standard Century (100M) before long if I can fit it in.

16 miles, 1hr 10min


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