Slow and Easy Bike Ride to test the Healing… that was the plan!

September 8, 2009

Saturday we planned on doing some local riding… 20 miles or so… initially thinking we would make multiple loops close to the vehicle in case my body decided it had “had enough”…. well… that was the plan anyway…. (how come plans fairly survive “first contact” with reality?)

We took off from Kingview Industrial park on our Surly Long Haul Truckers (LHT) touring bikes.  I’d recently installed the B17 Aged Leather seat, so this was the first long ride on it.  As we reached Morrow, the designated turn-around to head back toward the vehicle, I was feeling pretty good, as was Penny, so we continued northward…. and the miles continued to add up.  I kept asking Penny if she was doing okay and wanted to turn around.  The response I got was something to the effect of “she wasn’t about to give out before the lame, and she’d fall off her bike before giving in”.  Daaaaaannnnng… talk about laying down the gauntlet!!!

Once we got up toward Oregonia, I was pretty much committed to reaching Corwin.  Since we’d planned a short ride, we didn’t have the food supplies for something longer, so a food stop at the Corwin Peddler was needed.  As we sat there eating, we started doing some calculations on our time.  The sun would be setting in a couple of hours, so we couldn’t head any further north since that would put us home in the dark (didn’t plan on riding this long, thus no lights).

Well… impending night fall gave us both a graceful way out of our stubbornness. LOL  However, we did pick up the average pace several miles per hour (we were averaging just barely over 10mph on the way up…. being prudent with my recent injuries… but were around 15mph coming back).  After we passed the south side of Morrow, there is a stretch that makes for a nice fast run, so I picked up the speed considerably, pushing up towards 20mph.  Instead of falling into the draft, Penny came screaming up next to me and I thought “Hell with that!!!” and laid down the lumber!!!  Once we got down to the stop sign, I asked her what her max speed was… somewhere around a respectable 24mph… mine was almost 29mph… I think at one point I looked back and I wasn’t even sure she was still on the same bike path she was so far behind.  So much for taking advantage of the lame and crippled!!! bwahahahaha

Well… that pretty much burned up any reserves that I had left, and my body threw up plenty of complaints, reminding me it was still “under construction”… so Penny pushed hard on the way back … around 17-18mph… and I just laid into her draft.

I was definitely tapped out by the time we got back to the vehicle….. felt good, but I was really tired!!  We ended up with something over 40 miles of riding.  Now I know that Penny will take advantage of any sign of weakness I might have, so have to be on my guard!!


One comment

  1. Just laying it out there for you….cuz I KNOW you’ll take the bait and beat yourself into a pulp. Then I can go the distance longer at a high speed and leave you snookered. hehehe

    Oh, and I did have one light and a fishblock in my pack. So we had A headlight but no tails. 🙂

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