My First Grocery Trip… Well… On a Bike

September 1, 2009

It was lunch time, the cat was hungry… so what’s a guy to do?  I needed a break from the computer anyway, so instead of jumping into a Jeep with a V8 for some cat food, I’d decided to try pedaling up to the store instead.  The store is only two miles away, albeit down a busy 2 lane highway, but doable.

I figured since it was a day of firsts, I may as well do it right!  So I wore non-bike specific clothing so that I wouldn’t look like a dork walking through the store… the exception being my biking sandals… but it would be hard for non-cyclists to recognize them as anything but strangely-branded shoes…. no bike shorts… no padding in the seat… no form-fitting bike shirts… just a t-shirt, compression shorts, loose casual shorts, and a prayer that the saddle wouldn’t be rubbing me raw!! 🙂

bike sandals

bike sandals

pedal clips (for clipless-pedals)

pedal clips (for clipless-pedals)

I put on one pannier, grabbed my bike lock and headed for the store.



I have to say… it’s exactly 2 miles from my door to the store, an easy distance in comparison to any of our other rides… but it’s amazing how much the adrenaline gets cranked up when traffic is screaming along just a couple of feet away on a road with little or no shoulders.  Immediately, I found that I was pushing myself cold much harder than I normally would… going uphill at a pace I normally do on a flat trail… WHOA Nellie!!!

Coming back home, it was fun to cruise down the big hill at almost 30mph…. WHEEEEEE…. and that was mostly coasting!

When I got home, the cat was pleased with the results of my shopping!

cat food

cat food

Was I too bold to be wearing this t-shirt while riding to the store?  I wasn’t looking to make too big a statement or become a target.

I suppose you get used to the traffic and all… but I was glad I chose a slower traffic period for this maiden voyage to the store.  Makes me wonder how Paul Murray manages to bike around Long Island to get some exercise when I’m only in a slightly busy small town in Northern Cincinnati.

Share the Road

Share the Road

First shopping trip was a success, managing a slightly lower carbon footprint, and kept the cat alive at the same time!  WooHoo!! 🙂



  1. Hey Bob and Penny.

    Great to see you guys expanding your outdoors adventures. You guys really look to be becoming great bikers. You should come out and do Kanawha State Forest with us sometime. Greg did a MTBike race there a couple of wknds ago and survived. WooHoo. He only endoed once.

    It has some great easier Single Track though, for those of us a little less adventurous. You guys also have to come out and go climbing with us.

    We have been missing the diving, but finances have dictated that it take a backseat for now. So we ride, run and climb a lot lately. It ends up being a lot cheaper on our wallets.

    Miss you guys.

    Paula and Greg

  2. Oh yeah, and Paul can ride those roads, because in the big cities people are more conditioned to seeing bikers out there and not wanting to get sued. Here people just see us as annoying targets.

  3. Hey Paula… Great to hear from you!

    Yeh… we found that traveling to dive sites, risking a blown out charter, and such was getting to be a drag too… too many of those in the past few years. Not the same as when I live just a few miles from Lake Erie.

    Cycling has become our obsession now…. especially liking our new steel touring bikes and getting them dialed in for longer rides, but it’s fun to get out and dink around on the single-track too, but we don’t do that often enough.

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