Ft Ancient to the Corwin Nixon Covered Bridge

August 31, 2009

1hr 20min of cycling.  Toggled between high cadence (easy gears) and high effort (hard gears) to hit some aerobic, then muscle strength.  Even threw in a big hill for good measure.

The sun is setting sooner and soon every day now, so to keep things fresh, we drove up to the Ft Ancient (Morgan Canoe Livery) area after Penny got home from work.  Tonight, we used the Cannondale “Go Fast” bikes, and I was amazed how nimble and twitchy these bikes are compared to the Surly LHT’s.  Quite responsive actually.

I’d grabbed another Brooks Saddle tonight, a B17 Standard Aged Laced, to either put on my Trucker or keep on the Cannondale.

In comparing our Touring bike and “Go Fast” bikes, a couple of things struck me on the ride.

  • Top speed is very similar between the two bikes.  The difference is the acceleration.
  • The low-end gearing on the road bike is disappointing.  Lowest Gear ratio on the Road bike is 30:27, but is 26:34 on the LHT, giving a better than 1:1 ratio, and mechanical advantage on the big hills to the Surly.  Now, if I could get that mountain bike gearing on the road bike, that would be pretty sweet! 🙂

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