Biking and Hiking

August 23, 2009

Today we started our ride at Morgan’s Canoe Livery and headed north toward Corwin.  We’d gotten a later start than we’d hoped, so we had to keep the ride short because we had planned a hike with Penny’s daughter when she got off work.

As a variation on biking the Little Miami Trail, we got off on the road and went across the Corwin Nixon covered bridge on Oregonia Rd.  As we stopped there to get a picture, several cyclists went by, so we wanted to see what road they were using.  Heading down Oregonia, we climbed the light hill and zoomed back down the other side, only to have the road end at Rt 42 near Wayneville.  Since the highway is 4 lane there, we stayed on the wide shoulder and headed up to Waynesville, then crossed over to Corwin for lunch at the Corwin Peddler, before heading back to the Ft Ancient area via the Little Miami Trail.

After Jess got off work, we headed over to Caesar’s Creek Reservoir for some hiking.  We started out near the boat ramp, but the trail we’d done before was heavily overgrown with a lot of poison ivy.  After a 1/2 mile of that we reconsidered the wisdom of this venture and tried another trail.  The second trail didn’t go far either, but had some good elevation gain/decline.  Finally, we went over to the mountain bike trails.  They had just finished a race on the trails, so they were well used with little vegetation on the sides encroaching.  We hiking around about half of the “red” trail and a “connector”, only encountering a couple of mountain bikes.

It was a great day to be outside!  We biked 20 miles on the Surly Long Haul Truckers with one pannier each,  and did about 5 miles of hiking.


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