Finally…. Some Mountain Bike Trails!!

August 15, 2009

We had been considering a nice long bike ride on the trail today, but after being reminded that the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike race was going on in Colorado, we threw our mountain bikes on the back of the Jeep and headed for John Bryan State Park.

I tried to take a “shortcut” to get to John Bryan, but took the wrong exit on the Interstate and ended up taking longer to get there than the straight but slow route.  Hate it when that happens!

When we got to the park, there were few riders there, so it was easy to get around.  We decided that we’d spin around the Arboretum Trail.  The Arboretum trail (purple line on the map) is kinda like a fire road that interconnects the single-track trails and is a great warmup and tire test before hitting the trails.

After we got warmed up we hit the 2.5 mile Abracadabra trail.  Penny led out the first time around, then we stopped and rested to discuss it a bit.  I have to admit…. we haven’t been hitting the real intense exercise lately, so we had to catch our breath a bit and grabbed a quick bite.

Now that we were thoroughly warmed up, I led the next trip around, which proved to have a bit of excitement.  At one point on the trail, I saw another rider through the trees, but it looked like he was on the Arboretum trail.  Not the case… we rounded a corner and were head to head, just veering and stopping to miss each other.  The comedy part was that I couldn’t get my foot out of the pedal fast enough and toppled sideways over top of the other guy… lol.  After chatting a bit, we rode off and came up on another rider.  However, I wasn’t so deeply entranced in a zone so we stopped in time with no toppling or co-mingling of bikes.

By the time we’d finished for the day, we’d ridden about 8 miles on the trails.  Certainly a bit tired, but it was a good tired.

We headed over to Yellow Springs to stop in at the Village Cyclery because they had several Surly Long Haul Truckers in stock.  Penny test rode one of them.  The components were somewhat different than the complete Surly LHT that I’d gotten a few weeks ago, but the differences and similarities were effective.  After discussions about changes and such, she decided to get one.  After they get done prepping the bike, I’ll be picking it up for her sometime next week…. but she’ll be the proud owner of a Long Haul Trucker!

Edit: Surprisingly, with all the activities and exercise we’ve been getting, we aren’t even a hint of sore today from the mountain biking!  Woo Hoo!!


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