Drift Diving at Boynton Beach the way it’s meant to be done!

August 6, 2009

Today we had some kick ass drift dives!  It was just Penny and I on the boat today with crew Kevin and Wilhelmina diving also.  We thought we might give another wreck dive a try, but the current was smokin’, so we did a section of reef we’d tried to do the other day.  (There had been squirrelly currents on it).


The current was consistently north and at a nice even temperature, so we cruised down the length of the reef.  It was like floating in a menagerie’!!  There was an incredible amount of fish life everywhere…. and cruising at over 2 knots on the reef meant there was a surprise around every corner!

On the second dive we were given more of the same!  Except this time we saw our first turtle underwater (we’d seen a couple eating at the surface).  It was a small guy, maybe about the size of a TV tray.  Then there was the second one that was under the ledge.  It saw Kevin and bolted up within a foot of me as I hovered a few feet above.  Criminey!!  It was the largest turtle I’d seen underwater.  His neck alone was as big around as my leg and the shell was as big as most people’s kitchen tables…. you know… the ones that seat 5 or 6 people!


Later, there was another small one that moved away from me as I went by, and then another…. I was skimming across the top of the coral and barrel sponges… kinda felt like a crop duster, then there it was… another huge monster turtle… fewer barnacles than the first big one, but still pretty impressively sized.

I’d coasted right over top of it and then pointed… like those dogs do… then finned to hold my place and looked around.  Sure enough, Penny saw me become a pointer… or maybe it was a black lab…oh, who knows… but she did see my turtle.  The turtle started to raise it’s head and look at us so I started drifting back away from it.  It didn’t seem threatened, so Penny was able to get a picture of it.

Great way to finish up the boat diving!  Yowsa!  Small critters and nice fish communities, a few turtles… heck, even a fat barracuda!  It’s hard to ask for anything more… all while diving in trunks and a rash guard… no wetsuit… no drysuit… just casual and relaxed cruising across the reef!


One comment

  1. Great! Like the pics too- the exploring & adventure gets in your blood, doesn’t it. Hope you continue to enjoy it, it makes life even more interesting!


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