Diving in South Florida: Day 4

August 5, 2009

Today we had company on the boat.  A family of four joined us for some drift diving.  The first dive was a traditional drift across a reef with the top at 50ft and ledge that dropped over to 60ft.  Nice thing about this depth is there is lots of time for enjoying the reef top.  This was definitely one of the best reef dives here so far.  They’ve all been good, but this was really relaxing and easy to enjoy.

There were a couple of fish that looked like Trigger Fish.

Puffer Fish

Skillet sized Gray Angel Fish

The second dive was considerably more “interesting”.  Even though we were continuing on the same reef, the bottom current has turned during our surface interval.  As we descended the current was coming back across the reef toward us and quite a bit colder.  With the brisk current, it was considerably harder to reach the reef, evidenced by the freight train of bubbles from the group below us trying to get to the reef, so Penny and I went back up the line of the flag to a shallower depth thinking they would be coming back soon.  It was quite a bit warmer up above, so we drifted there for a while until we felt the current slacken and the warmer current from the opposite direction kicking in more.

Once we hit the reef, it was pretty cool.  We hadn’t burned much gas biding our time above until conditions improved.  However, by that time some of the others were ascending, so we cruised along with Kevin for a while until he gave us the flag.  It got even easier just cruising along with just the flag and not moving around to stay with anyone.  The current was too brisk for pics, but it was a great dive… especially interesting to see how the top and bottom currents differ, and how to work them a bit to your own advantage!

Fun day of diving!!


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