A Beautiful Day on the Trail from Morrow to Corwin

July 26, 2009

We biked a total of 30 miles today.  It had looked like rain, and they were calling for rain around 2pm, so we kept it shorter than originally planned by starting closer to our favorite Bike Trail chow stop, the Corwin Peddler.  This gave us a nice 15 mile ride to food.  After we ate, it no longer looked like rain, so we were going to head further up the trail, but the wind was gusting pretty strong, creating a nasty headwind for our return trip, so instead we headed back to the vehicle.

We were amazed at how friendly everyone seemed today.  Lots of smiles and “Hellos” from oncoming riders!

When we got back to Morrow, were we’d started, we decided to drop into Miranda’s Ice Cream for some nice sugar-free vanilla.

My bottom was a bit less comfortable today, but there may a couple of factors: One, I was wearing my less comfortable bike shorts, Two, I felt a bit of bruising from my 40 mile ride on Friday.  Given that the Brooks saddle is far from being broken in, that’s to be expected.

We’ve also used the recent rides as practice loading some panniers for future touring.


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