Cycling Ft Ancient to Corwin and meeting Project Tandem

July 19, 2009

Tonight we did a “short” ride to check out our road bikes we picked up at the shop today.  We’d had some annual service and some upgrades installed.  Things went very smoothly!

I planned a new starting point, using the parking lot at Ft Ancient (Morgan’s Canoe Livery) with the idea of riding to dinner in Corwin at the Corwin Peddler.

On the way back from Corwin, we spotted a couple of riders coming toward us with fully loaded panniers.  They were definitely traveling on a multi-day trip.  I was curious what their average speed was with the loading (his was 100#, hers was 85#).  They were nice enough to stop and chat, letting us know that they were photojournalist cycling around the U.S. using a grant.  Now that’s cool!!

Their website is Project Tandem, and blog is Project Tandem Blog.  They can be found on Twitter at http://twitter.com/projecttandem

Good luck and safe cycling!!

You can also support what they are doing via T-Shirt purchases or donations.

Cycled 20 miles.

Ave Speed 15 mph
Max Speed 19 mph

Good test for upgraded chain and cassette on the Road Bike.

A couple of cool links for cycling tourists that the Project Tandem team told us about.

Couch Surfing for Cycling Tourists

Warm Showers for Cycling Tourists


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