Xenia to Dayton on the Creekside Trail

July 12, 2009

I looked at Penny and asked, “so… where are we riding today?”  She asked how far away I was willing to start the ride.  I figured 45 minutes or so.  She suggested Xenia, and I offered the Creekside Trail because it’s the only trail from Xenia we hadn’t yet tried.  Xenia Station is Mile Mark Zero for several major trails in the area, including the Little Miami Scenic Trail.

Creekside Trail map for Greene County (Click Map for larger image)

I was hoping for an easy ride, especially after my stupid little “stunt of a ride” where I went ripping around the neighborhood last evening from stop sign to stop sign without any warmup.  That toasted my quads a bit and I was feeling it some today.

Checking the weather, we knew that we would have a steady headwind on the way to Dayton, but it was a bit stronger and gustier than I expected.  In fact, the section from mile marker 6 to mile marker 10 was quite a slog against the wind and steady grade.

Penny did some pulling, and was pulling away from me until I just gritted my teeth a bit and caught up.  I pulled in the section before MM10 and it was a pain.  It was nice to sit in the Gazebo at 5/3rd Gateway Park near I-675.  After water and a Cliff Bar, rather than turn around we continued on toward Dayton.

At the intersection with the Iron Horse Trail begins a very scenic portion.  It was a nice downhill grade toward Burkhardt Rd where we turned around.  We figured we’d gone far enough for the day, and there was no point in going all the way to Mad River park today.

On the way back, even the uphill sections were rather nice with the tail wind.  In fact, there was a section where we were holding 22-24 mph without putting out all that much effort.  Despite the high speed sections, we did make periodic stops to grab some pics of things we noted on the way out.

The last couple of miles of trail found my seat getting rather uncomfortable.  Even though the new bib shorts I was wearing were darn comfortable for about 21 out of 26 miles, they were still “new to my bum”, and I couldn’t wait to get off the bike when we got back.  Ouch!!

Nice ride, beautiful day, and some really cool clouds blowing overhead!

26 miles
12.3 mph Ave
24.2 mph Max

A shout out to Trail Crews and Greene/Montgomery Counties…. they’ve done a great job with trail signs, mileage, “distance to go”, directions, etc.  Very nice!!


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