Road and Trail Cycling complete with obscenities from ignorant locals.

July 11, 2009

Today’s ride was a combination of hilly roads and flat trails.  From our normal Kingsview Industrial park starting location, we did a loop on Kingsview Drive, Columbia Rd, and Turtlecreek Rd before heading down the Lebanon and Little Miami Trail toward Morrow.

We got off and Stubbs-Mills Rd onto Mason-Morrow and paralleled the trail toward Morrow.  Around the 9 mile mark, we pulled over into Halls Creek Wood Preserve (where we hiked last week) for a quick drink and bite to eat.  As we were eating, we heard some loud honking and cursing coming up the road.  Suddenly a group of 10 or so cyclists went by in the opposite direction from what we were going, followed by a Light Gray pickup truck.  The driver was honking at the cyclists, and the ignorant drunken bastard hanging out the passenger window was shouting obscenities and telling the cyclists to “get back on the trail”.  What an asshole!!  The bikes are called “Road Bikes” for a reason… ignorant bastard!  We were just far enough off the road in the parking lot so that we couldn’t get a photo of the morons, but the vehicle looked similar to the one I’d encountered in South Lebanon last year under similar circumstances.

After watching that piece of drama from the “low end of the gene pool”, we continued on down the road toward Morrow, and as planned, returned on the trail back toward the vehicle.  It’s amazing how much slower the average speed is on the section of the trail that parallels Mason-Morrow Rd.  Part of it is due to the roots that are making the trail a series of speed bumps on the south side of Morrow.  After that section, Penny laid down the hammer and I just hung on to her wheel all the way back to the vehicle.  Just after South Lebanon, the nice weather finally evaporated, and the expected storms rushed in.  We road the last couple of miles in a downpour, but the trees along the trail provided quite a bit of relief until we hit the open sections.

As much as we hate to admit it, we seem to relish riding in the rain… lol…. now… if we can just come up with some way to eradicate the morons that somehow acquire driver’s licenses. 🙂


One comment

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog. I’ve never ridden in the rain before. I need to get a new bike seat too so I can actually enjoy bike riding. My ass gets too sore after just a little bit of riding.

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