Cycling out and back from Fosters to Beech Rd

July 5, 2009

My legs were still aching a bit from several solid days of workouts involving the legs somehow.  I know I need to take a rest day, but today I wanted something a bit more active.

Originally we’d hoped to take the mountain bikes out (using the smooth tires) and ride with Jess on the paved trails, but apparently we were too rough on her with our hiking yesterday, so she opted out.  All the prep work I’d done on the bikes wasn’t a waste though.  I hadn’t serviced my MTB since riding it in the snow/slush in Jan or Feb, so the chain was in bad shape.  Also, Penny’s bike had a rear flat, and both nobby tires still on, so I put her smooth tires on.  Even if the mountain bike trails finally dry out, we will start out on the easy trails which will be fine with the smoother tires.  I also serviced Penny’s Schwinn bike so that we have a third “MTB” available for someone like Jess.

After we realized that it would just be us two, I did some service on our road bikes and we took a drive down to Fosters (near the Monkey Bar… or Train Station Bar).  This gave us the options to go as far south as we wanted, do some people watching through Loveland, and whatever else we wanted to do.

Right away on the trail, there were lots of walkers, skaters, and cyclists going both directions, so it took lots of patience, and bursts of speed to get through and around.  I wanted high cadence, light pedaling, and this wasn’t quite it… lol.  Also, I quickly realized that I’d forgotten my gloves… D’oh!!! Despite Penny constantly trying to offer me her gloves, I opted to tough it out… besides, I might need an excuse later!

In Loveland, I talked with a couple on a tandem, and Penny saw a co-worker that cycled a lot…. after chatting we kept going south.  There were spots near the I-270 bridge with lots of mud on the trail… other than that, the trail was in decent shape.

Once we reached Beech Rd, between Loveland and Miamisville, we figured we should turn around.  The goal was an easy ride, and the lack of gloves was starting to numb my hands a bit.

When we got back to Loveland, we saw a new coffee shop, so we ducked in for coffee and a wee bit of ice cream.  After chatting with the owner about wreck diving in the Great Lakes, we headed on back to the vehicle up in Fosters.

After getting just over 16 miles today, I was checking to see how our mileage compared to last year at this point.  We’re about 50 miles behind last year, but considering we are still getting lot’s of rowing, hiking, and barbell type workouts, I’m okay with that.  Variety is the spice of life!!


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