5 Miles of Hiking on a Rainy Day… woohoo!

July 4, 2009

Yesterday we biked past a small nature preserve called Halls Creek Wood Preserve. It looked like it had some hiking, so we’d been talking about checking it out. Just as we were heading out of the door at home, the rain started coming down. The weather had called for scattered thunderstorms, but instead, we got a constant rainy drizzle…. very Seattle-like. 🙂 This didn’t bother us at all, ’cause it seems like any time we go for a long bike ride or such, we get rained on and it’s all good!

Today, Penny’s daughter decided to go out with us, so we were glad to see the rain didn’t deter her!

Halls Creek Woods is about 274 acres of mature trees, steep climbs out of the ravine, with a nice plateau with more hiking… all told, about 2 miles of dirt hiking trails.  In addition, we decided to walk up the creek bed for about a half mile, enjoying the slate rock and bedding planes.  It was a great place for hiking, and a good place to practice hiking up and down steep inclines!!

After that, we drove over near Ft Ancient so that we could hike the Little Miami Trail from the canoe livery up to the Jeremiah Morrow Bridge that carries Interstate 71 over the Little Miami River.  This is the highest Interstate to River bridge height in Ohio.

The reason we did this hike was for Penny’s daughter.  Penny and her had driven across the river valley using the bridge.  It’s a spectacular view of the valley, but Penny commented that we bike under the bridge down on the trail.

There’s a parking lot managed by the Ohio Dept of Natural Resources that is just next to the canoe livery, and a short walk to the trail.  Round trip, it was 2 1/4 miles down and back on the paved trail.  Surprisingly, because of the rain, there were very few cyclists out on the trail, so we pretty much had it to ourselves.

All told, it was over 5 miles of hiking on both dirt and paved trails, as well as rocky creek bed…. a nice way to spend the afternoon!


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