Peddling a 30 mile Roundtrip to eat at the Corwin Peddler

June 27, 2009

Today was a pretty hot day, especially for this early in the summer.  So what did we choose to do? You got it!  Go for a bike ride!  Actually it was pretty nice.  If you stood directly in the sun, you baked and were soaked in short order, but riding in the shade on the trail with the wind whipping in your face, now that was pleasant!

Our seats were still just a smidge tender from the 25 mile ride earlier in the week, but we wanted to increase the miles a bit.  Grabbing a bite at the Corwin Peddler sounded like a great idea, but from our normal starting point, that would be a 45 roundtrip.  For the most part, we are physically and mentally ready for a ride like this, or longer, but our butts just don’t have enough mileage this year for that yet.  Penny says, why don’t we drive over to Morrow and start from there.  Great idea!  That chopped 15 miles off the round trip and let us play a bit with the ride intensity.

We took it fairly easy on the way North to the Corwin Peddler.  One of the things we really appreciated was that all of the bridges in ill-repair had been either paved or had new oak planks thanks to efforts by the Little Miami State Park Friends Group.  This was a major change since the last time we road through here in March.  That last time here, Peddler had been closed for the season, but now if was quite busy, serving ice cream, meals, renting bikes, or selling bike repair items.

Penny posed for me in front of the Corwin Peddler.

After we ate, we were feeling pretty good, so we played some with the intensity, pushing the pace higher than we’d done so far this year.  We got to Oregonia and I asked if she realized that we’d just sailed through 5 miles.

Feeling froggy, we upped the pace a little more until we hit the Fort Ancient section where the I-71 bridge crosses.  At that point we took turns drafting and cruising at 20mph…. not that it’s that high, but we wanted to hold this for as long as possible…. finally settling back to 17mph after a few miles and then a relaxing cooldown when we got within a mile of the vehicle.

It was a great ride and we had a fun time today!


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