25 Miles Down the Little Miami Trail

June 23, 2009

We attempted to do a relaxing bike ride down the Little Miami Trail.  While for the most part is was, it’s always tough to hold Penny back, even when she’s tired and needs to go easy.  “Pedal ’til you bonk” is her motto!! 🙂  I did manage to persuade her to make multiple stops and stretches so that any other workouts this week would not be hindered by what was supposed to be our easy ride tonight.  I knew my seat was still adjusting to the saddle this year… in fact, the new bib shorts are padded differently and I’m still making a major adjustment to them.

We headed down to Loveland, and then beyond to Branch Hill Road.  It was a fun ride, with a few spurts of spunk from Penny, especially at the end when she made me go 22 miles per hour against my will to keep up with her… lol.  Evenso, it was a great 25 mile ride as we continue to build saddle time this year.


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