Cycling 20 Miles on the Little Miami Trail

June 14, 2009

Since we have a fairly regular workout schedule involving weightlifting/powerlifting, rowing, and crossfit-style activities, we haven’t been cycling as much this year.  Last year, cycling WAS our only exercise, so we did it a lot more.  So today, we focused on just doing a slow recreational ride and enjoying an absolutely beautiful day.  The goal was to do a 20 mile ride… not ’cause our legs couldn’t handle it, but our wrists and butts didn’t have enough cycling miles on this year, so no sense making this an uncomfortable endurance event.

Penny had ordered us some new cycling clothes in support of Fat Cyclist.  His wife is battling cancer, and this is just one small way to show our support.

Once we got warmed up a bit, we stopped in Morrow for a quick stretch, a Twitter update, and upload a couple of pics to Facebook.

Our game plan was to cruise up to Morgan’s livery and check their rates for canoe trips down the Little Miami River.  This was a great turn around point for our ride today, as it almost exactly 10 miles from our starting point.

After we inquired about rates, we grabbed a chicken sandwich and sat down for a few.  At that time, a lady and her son came back up from the canoes and returned their gear.  They had cycled down from the Columbus area and were just cycling down the trail enjoying whatever whim they wanted, including a brief canoe trip.  She asked if we were from the area and was trying to see what hotels might be available down the road.  We gave her some insight and then ventured back down the trail toward home.

We stopped at Miranda’s Ice Cream in Morrow, grabbing a frozen sugar-free dessert.  About the same time, the skies darkened and it began raining lightly as we got back on the bikes.  The closer we got back to the vehicle, the heavier the rain got, but it was pleasantly warm… and even a bit fun… especially knowing we were almost done with the ride!

What a great day!!


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