Fay Bainbridge SP, Next Step Conditioning, and Cove 2 Diving

May 19, 2009

Tuesday, we decided to take a day trip over to Bainbridge Island via the land route around the west side of Puget Sound.  Our motivation for the drive was to find Coach Izzy at Next Step Conditioning.  We knew him from Scubaboard and Facebook and knew that since we were this close we needed to stop in and see him.  In addition to his website, he also has a blog we like to follow!

When we got to Bainbridge Island, we had trouble finding Next Step Conditioning.  More accurately, we had trouble believing the GPS because the driveway led back into the woods, we thought, to someone’s home, we disregarded it and drove down to Fay Bainbridge State Park to visit there, take some pics, and look up the address to Next Step again.

At Fay Bainbridge State Park, we got some shots of the picturesque driftwood all over the beach.

Afterwards, we circled back around and looked for Next Step again.  This time we opted to drive up the driveway…. way back up the driveway.  It was very cool back in there with a few residences, as well as the Next Step building.  We poked around trying to find our way in, and Coach Izzy stuck his head out window and asked if he could help us, then suddenly exclaimed… PENNY… BOB!!! Well… I guess we were in the right place!!

Coach knew that I’d talked about a sore problematic shoulder, so he volunteered to take a look at it and worked me over pretty good.

He worked me over and left me bruised, but much of the previous strain was relieved!  Thanks Coach!  Before we left, we scheduled a return visit to work out with Izzy on Saturday.

We took the ferry from Bainbridge Island back to downtown Seattle, so that we could get back to Bob’s in time to prep for the evening dive.  The ferry was a cool experience and dumped us right downtown.  If someone lived over on the Island, this would be a great way to get back and forth to work without driving around Puget Sound!  In fact, just park on the island and walk around or use public transportation once you reach Seattle.

In the evening after Bob got off work, we headed over to Cove 2 and met up with Colleen, as well as Marc.  Colleen and I weren’t up to diving, so Penny, Marc, and Bob took a tour of the Cove, much to Penny’s delight.  Colleen and I shared coffee and many stories!

Penny, Marc, Bob

You can see in the pic one of the people ferry’s that shuttles back and forth between West Seattle and Downtown Seattle.

Another Great Day!!


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