Redondo Beach Diving & a Brief Visit to Snoqualmie Falls

May 18, 2009

We stayed at Bob Bailey’s house in Federal Way, about 1/2 way between Seattle and Tacoma.  His place is known as “Hotel Bob” because of his hospitality toward visiting divers.  Bob is reknowned on many of the scuba forums, and goes by Grateful Diver or NWGratefulDiver.  With over 2000 dives in the Puget Sound area, he is a great guide and source of information for the area!  Visit the link to his website to see the cool things in the PNW!!

On Monday, Bob took us a couple of miles from his place to one of the dives he does the most… Redondo!

Redondo is an easy beach entry, even at low tide.  Here’s a shot looking back toward shore from the end of the public pier.

Bob Bailey

Penny &  Colleen

After the dives, Bob had to run to a dive class he was taking, so Colleen navigated us over to the North Bend Ski area.

This was a beautiful area for driving around, just 30 or so miles east of Seattle.  We got out and did some walking around, marveling that there was still snow on the ground in places that kept a couple of roads closed that we wanted to try.

On our way back to the Seattle area, it started to rain, but Colleen thought we might like the Snoqualmie Falls area.  WOW!! Was she ever right!  Beautiful falls!!

Penny and Colleen on the observation deck at the Falls

So many diverse things to do made for some full days!!


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