Cycling 17 Miles to Loveland

May 2, 2009

Now that we have a regular exercise program, we feel that we can use cycling as more of a relaxing endeavor… more as stress relief and enjoyment of the outdoors.  Saturday was no different.  We had a productive day around the condo for most of the day, then headed out for a relaxing 17 mile ride down to Loveland and back, leaving from our favorite starting point in the Kingsview Industrial Park.

We chatted a bit with couple riding a tandem bike.  This looks like something that Penny and I need to try sometime.



  1. […] 10:46 am (Cycling, Outdoor Activities) Tags: Cycling, scuba We took Friday off as a rest day, but cycled 17 miles on Saturday and did a scuba “tune-up” dive on Sunday to prepare for our upcoming trip to […]

  2. I did 17 miles on Saturday as well…I went with my dad, except we’re in DC. And i’m 12 years old. We didn’t even take any breaks, unless you count going to Chipotle right before starting biking as a break. It was way too hot I think, and it didn’t help that we only had one water bottle between us.

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