Buckeye Trail – Oakwood to Defiance

April 27, 2009

The Buckeye Trail around the state of Ohio crosses through Oakwood, a small town in NW Ohio.

I decided to follow the trail up to Defiance. Along the way, I started to see the famous “blue blazes”.

One of the cool things that I quickly came up on was a lock with an intact prism along side of road T-163.

After collecting a few shots, I continued on up to the community called “Junction”.  This is where the Wabash-Erie Canal joined up with the Miami-Erie canal and then proceeded on up to Defiance, then further to Lake Erie.

It was cool to observe these remnants of history, that formed the transportation corridors through Ohio just prior to the railroad age.  Many of the artifacts are now gone, as are the towns and villages that once blossomed next to these transportation hubs.  This none more apparent than the village of Junction, Ohio, said to have once rivaled Ft Wayne in size and growth in the 1800’s, but now nothing more than a collection of homes, trailers, and debris.


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