Kingsview to Loveland on the Little Miami Trail

April 4, 2009

Today we had a great ride from our normal starting point at the Kingsview Industrial Park down to Loveland.  Penny was full of spunk today right out of the gates, so we were off the races right away.  There’s no easing into the bike season with her… she “all go, all the time”… lol

I was also experimenting a little bit.  Normally we wear our Camelback backpacks on the rides, no matter what the length, to carry different clothes for layering and such.  However, prior to Christmas, I’d purchased some waterproof  panniers.  Figured I ought to give them a try just to see how they feel.  I chose to use the left one only, and shoved a couple of jackets, gloves, and pain reliever into the bag.  The first thing I noticed was that my heel hit the pannier, so I had to adjust it back about an inch or so to get some clearance.  From there, it worked out great.

When we got to Loveland, the park was filled with parents and children getting ready for an Easter Egg hunt.  I started sneezing immediately since I’m allergic to children (just kidding!).

We noticed a lady with a recumbent bike and soon struck up a conversation.  She called herself “Wacky Macky”, was a real pistol and a hoot to talk with. We spent about a 1/2 hr chatting with her and looking at some of her cool tattoos.  She had them all over her body, but some she couldn’t show us… not because she was shy, but she said she didn’t want to traumatize the kids or the parents in the park doing the Easter Egg hunt… I was bummed… lol

A great new friend!

A great new friend!

She said she liked recumbent bikes because she had a knee replacement and it felt good on it. She’s 61 yrs old and rides several thousand miles a year, so it must work out pretty well for her!

Great day and great ride!  And it’s wonderful to meet new friends!  Turns out she’s also a member of the Friends of Little Miami State Park Group, so we’ll probably see her at the next meeting on April 26th.

17.5 miles; 1hr 20 minutes


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