2009 Activity Goals

January 1, 2009

What are your goals for 2009?
Here are some of mine.

A couple of enjoyable 2 day rides:

  • Cycle from Cincinnati to Yellow Springs and back (2 days, TBD) (approx 90 miles)
  • Cycle from Cincinnati to Columbus and back (2 days, TBD) (approx 130 miles)

A couple of stretch goals:

  • Cycle from Cincinnati to Cleveland (6 days, TBD, drive back ) (approx 300 miles)
  • Cycle from Cincinnati to Marietta (1 Day, TBD)  (approx 100 miles)
  • Cycle in the MS150 (Aug 28/29) (150 miles)

And some fun diving:

  • Wreck diving trip to St Lawrence 1000 Island Region (Aug 2-9)
  • Cave diving in Northern Florida
  • Warm Water Diving (?Finally wreck diving in the Florida Keys)

In addition to these “event” goals, I’d like to build on the 1600 miles cycled on the road bike in 2008 and do 4000 miles on the road bike and 200 miles mountain biking in 2009.  It would also be nice to lose 20lbs and/or 5% bodyfat too! Oh… and conquer the local “Hill of Death” in one climb… lol

Have a happy and active New Year!



  1. Fantastic goals! Here’s to a fabulous 2009!

  2. Thank Melissa! …and to your and yours as well!

  3. Great goals Bob and Penny. On my list for this year is taking the Old Nippising Road (Ghost Trail) … from Rosseau (just down the street) to the southern shore of Lake Nippising, which I think is about 100 kilometers… it’ll be a tough day but I really want to give it a try.

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