What a difference a year makes!

December 29, 2008

For the past 10 years I’ve been heavily involved in scuba diving.  You could say that when possible I’ve structured work and vacations around it and/or obsessed about it constantly.  Even as recently as last year, I was selling off old scuba gear and leveraging for things like more powerful dive lights.  However, this Christmas was mostly about acquiring more cycling related gear.  In fact, we started the year with 1 bicycle in the garage, and now there are 7 bikes!

What happened?

While I’ve dove for the enjoyment of seeing new things and the social aspect, my primary driver for scuba has been that it prompted me to maintain a level fitness at something higher than the couch potato I’m prone to be.  There is an Achille’s Heel to this though.  You don’t dive to get in shape, you get in shape to dive.  Well… at least that’s my take on things.  Sometimes just thinking about being in better shape for diving wasn’t enough motivation to lift weights or spend another boring session on stationary cardio equipment.

Enter cycling.  I’ve tried cycling before… back in 1997 when living in North Central Ohio. … but the combination of riding the roads with a heavy steel mountain bike with aggressive nobby tires and the solitary rides were a disincentive to anything but sporadic participation.  I even tried to ride this same bike this year on a whim.  I thought I was going to die on the SW Ohio hills!  However, I’m blessed with a soul-mate that is willing to try just about anything I want to do.  She purchased a bike for her and her daughter.  These bikes were much lighter than my old bike, and as luck would have it, her daughter lost interest in riding before even attempting it.  So we spent many hours and miles on these bikes for about 6 weeks.  Realizing the fragility of those particular bikes, we upgraded to road bikes and continued riding many times a week.

I do best when I can get into and maintain a habit.  With cycling, it’s easy to jump on bike in the evening.  Before you know it, a couple of hours have past.  The endorphins are abundant, and the exhilaration is plentiful.

As with any hobby of mine, it generally becomes an obsession.  Hence, more gear, more bikes.  Perhaps the most telling of transitions from the dive obsession to cycling obsession was selling a relatively powerful dive light and only replacing it with an “adequate” dive light… lol.  Yes, diving is still a very enjoyable activity to me, but one that I can only get to on occasion because quality diving is too far from me now.  Instead, cycling can easily be an everyday part of my life, fulfilling the important mission of keeping me off the couch while providing an enjoyable activity and improving my quality of life… especially with Penny!


One comment

  1. And here I thought I was your obsession……rofl

    Anything physical that we can do together I’m up for it. Except bowling, no bowling.

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