What percentage bike to work in Ohio?

December 26, 2008

Based on a Census Bureau numbers, I was curious what the numbers looked like for Ohio and it’s bigger cities.

Let me start by saying that Portland, OR (3.9%) is a great benchmark for the nation, and Chicago (1.1%) does a commendable job for the Midwest.

(0.0%) Akron
(0.3%) Canton
(0.3%) Cincinnati
(0.4%) Cleveland
(0.6%) Columbus
(0.8%) Dayton (not surprising considering they lead the state in bike trail creation)
(0.0%) Toledo
(0.3%) Youngstown

(0.2%) State of Ohio Average


It looks Ohio has a ways to go.  I lament that I can’t bike commute to work, but at least working from home sometimes helps me be a bit greener.  Perhaps I need to try and do some grocery shopping with the bike/panniers. 🙂


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