Riding and Rolling

November 29, 2008

We got back early enough from Virginia that it was still light out and the weather was nice.  So of course, we headed out for a ride!  We hadn’t been on road bikes in two weeks, and last Sunday was a mountain bike ride.  That meant we wanted something easy to just loosen up from the drive back from Mom’s down south.  Stepping along with a high cadence, the ride was about 13 miles long from Kingsview to Morrow-Cozzadale road and back, but felt great.  Feeling frisking at the end of the ride, we “lit it up a  bit” near the end.  Penny zipped off ahead of me, and I hit about 26mph to catch and pass her. Definitely fun after the 6 hours in the car today!

Sitting on the porch at home was the new rollers I’d ordered from Nashbar.  After cleaning up the tires on the bikes, I brought my bike in for a test ride on the rollers.  It took a couple of minutes to get the hang of the balance, but soon I was shifting through the gears and going no where at 10mph in the house… LOL!  I spent about 10 minutes on them, definitely feeling it in my legs, abs, and arms.  These rollers will be a great addition to my riding!

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