Mountain Biking at Landen-Deerfield

November 23, 2008

Even though we only live 5 miles away, we’ve yet to make it to the mountain bike trail at Landen-Deerfield until today.  Our original intention was to go out on the road bikes, but Penny’s front tire was flat (and we found where the tire was punctured, so we modified our plan and decided on a mountain bike ride).

We weren’t sure exactly where the entrance was, but knew that a trail led into the woods from Landen Drive at the end of Landen Lake, so we parked there and rode off into the woods.  From the last time we had walked in here, there were signs placed that said “Landen Residents” only.  Hmmmm…. was this a trail for locals only?  Continuing on, we came to a junction that indicated the main trail.

The trail has a bit of up and down, a couple of creek crossings where we had to walk the bikes across, and a few technical root sections.  When we climbed the hill about 3/4 around the track, we saw a parking lot and asked one of the local riders where this was.  He indicated where he drove in, giving us an idea of where we needed to park next time.

We finished out the circuit, back to the “locals only ” trail where we started, and decided that was good enough for the day.  As we arrived back at the car, I heard “psssssssssssssssssss”.  It was coming from Penny’s rear tire.  Just as she was arriving back to the vehicle, something punctured her tire as she rode across the grass…. d’oh!!

This is a nice 2 mile track, providing a nice place for a local ride.

Trail at edge of Ravine

Trail at edge of Ravine

Trail at edge of Ravine 2

Trail at edge of Ravine 2

Penny at edge of Ravine

Penny at edge of Ravine


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