Friends of Little Miami State Park Trail

November 17, 2008

The Little Miami State Park is unique as far as State Parks go.  It is a linear park that is 60 feet wide by approx. 60 miles long.  This presents opportunities for maintenance coverage, and even funding.  Most State Parks can gather additional funding for projects and such via camping fees and concessions.  LMSP has none of these, so is limited to the state funding it receives.  This, among other challenges like bridge repair, are why a vision for a friends group modeled after what some other state parks have was conceived.

Last night was the kick-off meeting for the new Friends of “Little Miami State Park Trail” group.  The turn-out was incredible, drawing people from many walks (and rides) of life, including former Governor Bob Taft.

The primary agenda was to inform everyone of Simeon’s thoughts on what the group should be focused on, and then elect an interim Officer core to get the ball rolling.  This would enable the group to start writing by-laws and apply for 503-c status.

Simeon didn’t lobby for the position, but with all the leg work he’s vested in this kick-off, he was unanimously elected as President. Even when there was more than one person interested in a position, compromises and graciousness were very apparent with the group.  The first steps of this group are off to a very promising start.  I wrote down some areas where Penny and I would be willing to help out, and I’m looking forward to working with a group that has such a great “can-do” attitude!

Simeon started an information page on his Corwin Peddler site.

I also created a Facebook Group for the Friends of Little Miami State Park Trail.
(I’ll turn this over to a webmaster or group IT rep when they desire, or help maintain this page myself).

One comment

  1. Thank you for accurately summarizing the meeting and publishing our activities.



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