Experiments in Layering for Cycling in Cold Temps

November 9, 2008

This Fall has been a continual experiment in layering for cycling.  Today I tried some new combinations on the road bike with mixed results in 38-41F.

Some of the factors in the mixed results have been going back and forth between the road bike and mountain bike for the past few weeks.  Also, the weather has bounced from cold rain to Indian Summer to more cold temps, making trials a bit inconsistent.

I finally tried my booties over top of the clipless pedals.  They were nice at keeping the air flow away from my feet, but my feet stayed a bit cool, but not cold,  on the ride.

However, I used my insulated Cannondale pants for the first time today.  They have a modicum of stretch and wind resistance to them and were worn on top of 200G polypro jumpsuit that works nice under a drysuit for diving.  I’ve used the 200G jumpsuit before, but it was mountain biking.

This combination left me feeling like I was pedaling in molasses today.  We had a bit of a head wind on the outbound leg that contributed, but on the return leg I was feeling some tightness in my knees and hips.  While the clothing seemed loose enough walking around there might be enough binding between the layers, using more energy/effort on the pedaling.

More experimentation yet to come!


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