Too much of a good thing?

November 5, 2008

Another visit to the Oakwood mountain bike trails in Napoleon left me plenty sore and seeking the relaxation of the hotel hottub!!

I took another spin around the various trails, then after I got nice and warmed up, I focused on “hill repeats”… going up and down some of the sharp ascents and descents.  I figured this would be great practice for some of the hills in Cincinnati that I loathe on my road bike.

I’m not sure how recommended this is, but I found that I had a better go of the hills when I reached down and “locked out” the front forks before the ascent.  Otherwise it seemed that the shocks absorbed so much of the energy I was putting into the pedaling that I ground to a halt before the summit.  Once I locked out the forks, I was able to tackle any of the hills, even those with many roots.  Of course, once back on flats, or before the descents, I would reach down and unlock the shocks so that I didn’t get jarred to death or bounced off the bike.  It only took me a short steep decline to learn that lesson… LOL!

Anyway… that hot tub sure felt nice… and my back is looser…. now… where is that Aleve!! 🙂

I’m sure looking forward to getting back on the road bike when I get home!!  There’s a potential group ride Saturday morning for the Cincinnati Bike Club I just joined, and a Saturday night ride in Xenia with a group from Greene County and the Pedalopolis forum.


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