Holding dear what is Precious

November 3, 2008

I was reading through a blog today,  Fat Cyclist,  that chronicles the beginnings of a cyclist return to health, his riding, and battle with weight loss.  Jumping around to different posts, I came across a post that was crushing…. the battle his wife is waging with cancer… how the battle is winding down to it’s inevitable end as she moves from coherence to incoherence day to day.  A Cycling Apparel company, Twin Cycle, has stepped up to the plate and is passing along profits on XL and larger jerseys to help them defray ambulance and hospital cost.

Carpe Diem…. Seize the Day that you have available with your loved ones, and don’t let those precious moments slip by without sucking the marrow of life from the time you have on this earth together.


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