East Fork State Park Mountain Bike Trails

November 2, 2008

What an awesome day for screaming around on some mountain bike trails!!!

Today we wanted to head back out on the bikes…. road bikes vs mountain bikes…. hmm…. what the heck!  Let’s go mountain biking.  The next question was where?  Our last couple of MTB rides were up to John Bryan SP, so we thought we’d go out to the trails at East Fork State ParkWe’d attempted this once, but I turned the rear hub into rice krispies on the chinese schwinn retail store mtb…. not designed for real trails!!

Penny on Trail

Penny on Trail

The easy trail is 2.3 miles long and involves more elevation changes, has more roots to travel over, and takes different skills than John Bryan MTB trails.  To compare the two, East Fork takes better pedal control (so as not to spin over roots when climbing) and John Bryan takes more steering control (lots of trail between narrow trees).  Neither the John Bryan nor the East Fork “easy” trails are very difficult and can be fun for novice riders.

Bob on trail

Bob on trail

There were a few people out on the trails, so we pulled over to let others by, either those oncoming or those that caught us from behind.  Once back to the parking lot, Penny opted to sit out the next ride, instead taking her camera out for a walk.  We all have our days when not as strong as others, and this one wasn’t hers, so I opted to try the intermediate trail for my next ride.

Intermediate Trail

Intermediate Trail

The intermediate trail is 2.9 miles long and more of the same… lots of big roots, repetitive roots, and constant/bigger elevation changes with faster single track.  It was a blast to tackle for the first time, and I pushed a bit harder at different times because it had some long fast sections as well. In a few areas I was flying through and probably barely in control, but it was a helluva lot of fun!  Woo Hoo!!!

Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious

Parts of the trail over look the steep decline into the lake, so I stopped to snap a few pics of the water and trail along the way.

Water Below

Water Below

it was a georgeous day, 70F, and an awesome workout on some cool trails!  We also talked with some others that were on the trail as well…. nice folks!  Some mentioned other trails we need to try, like those at Paint Creek State Park.  Many more mtb trails can be found using the Spoke Junkies website.



  1. Today was not my day!! Got into an argument with a tree, and lost….and just didn’t have the gas to go the distance. But the funnest was when I was standing in the parking area petting the girls’ horses and you came skidding in with a grin on your face!!! Wish I was prescient enough to snap that pic!

  2. It was still a lot of fun! Glad you could do what you could… your day or not!

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