Wabash Cannonball Trail (CR17 to SR-20A)

October 30, 2008

Tonight I parked next to the trail at CR17 just on the west side of Wauseon and headed west on the Wabash Cannonball Trail.  At CR 19, the trail is blocked by a trucking company that has spread across the old railbed and fenced in the property.  I headed west about a 1/2 mile and saw a semblance of a dirt path going down the side of a field.  Taking a chance, this path quickly connected to the Trail again.

This section of the trail was heavily wooded and one of the nicer sections since most of the trail borders open fields.  Once the trail got to CR21, it was in open field again, and had lots of loose rip-rap, not quite as bad as last night, but still taking more energy than the hardpack overgrown cinder.  When the trail ended at SR-20A (not far from CR22), there was no sign of it across the road.  Instead, a farmer had plowed it under.  It looks like I would have to take SR-20A west to CR22 north and re-acquire the trail.  From here I was a bit over a mile from the farthest point east I’d taken the trail when I had ridden it from West Unity to the Turnpike entrance earlier in the summer.

From here I turned around, but wasn’t keen on going back through the loose stone, so I turned my bike lights on and headed east on SR-20A until I reached CR21.  Dropping back down on the trail, I took this prettier section back until it dead ended at the Trucking Company at CR-F. I thought I was consuming enough energy gel, but felt like I was bonking, so I took the road back to the vehicle, taking CR-F east to CR17.  Here, I dropped down CR17 back to my vehicle.

Using this bike without clipless pedals is murder on the quads and leads to grossly inefficient pedaling mechanics, so I’ve considered getting a mountain bike style shoe, but I sure like the warmth of my hiking boots on the ankles.    I’ll have to weigh the options and see what I come up with.

Definitely a good workout though!


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