Bike Hiking… aka Trail Debris Clean-up

October 25, 2008

We picked up our new Cannondale Hardtail F5 mountain bikes today, so we wanted to give them a light workout.  We thought it would be fun to go down the Lebanon-YMCA trail and do some volunteer debris removal.  In the past week, the large fallen trees that had been chainsawed through had been removed off of the sides of the trail, so there was only minor debris to deal with.

We went along and either kicked sticks off the trail, stopped and picked up debris, or got off the bikes and dragged brush further off the trail.  Since the Lebanon-YMCA trail didn’t require as much effort as we thought it might, we headed on toward South Lebanon cleaning and moving debris, then on past to Stubb Rd.

Even though we only covered a total of 9-10 miles, it was a good workout starting and stopping, breaking branches, and throwing brushing.  It was a heck of a lot of fun doing this, and by going slow like this, we got a whole new appreciation for the trail and the awesome scenery along the river.

It was great to try and give back a little to a trail that has given so much to us this year!

The new mountain bikes are a heck of a lot of fun, and we look forward to trying them out tomorrow on some mountain bike trails… perhaps at John Bryan State Park tomorrow.  After that, I plan on taking my F5 up to NW Ohio with me the next couple of weeks to use on the cinder and hard pack rails to trails that aren’t suitable for my Synapse road bike.


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