Lights and Layers

October 19, 2008

With the earlier sunsets and the time change, any continued riding during the week made lights necessary.  This past week made for some testing of lights and l,ayers of clothing.  It’s a whole different experience to ride at night.  There is an abundance of wildlife out at night…. lots of white bunny tails disappearing into the brush, and even deer that stand on the side of the trail watching the bike go by, almost as if to figure out what just went by.

The layers have been the most challenging part.  Trying to get a clothing setup to keep from freezing in the breeze.  Can’t use normal thermal clothing that I might use for hiking and such since loose clothing can be sucked into the chain, so most of the layers have been polypro items of various thicknesses, including a light rain jacket that makes a nice wind break.  With the addition of full finger bike gloves and a balaclava, I’m just about set.  The thick Cabela socks still aren’t quite enough, so a barrier layer is necessary for either the shoes, or over the socks.

Staying warm will be an ongoing saga this fall I’m sure!


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