40 Mile Loop from South Lebanon to Corwin

October 12, 2008

After a great day at Gilboa Quarry on Saturday, we decided we wanted to take a relaxing ride on Sunday.  With the beautiful weather this weekend, we knew that going south toward Loveland-Milford would be a bad idea.  Loveland and Milford have a strong base of trail users: walkers, skaters, runners, and cyclists.  We didn’t think we wanted to tangle with the anticipated throng, so we opted to go north instead, thinking that the Corwin Peddlar in Corwin would be a nice place to stop for lunch or ice cream.

I’ve had more days on the bike recently than Penny, so I was hoping for a slow relaxing ride.  It became quickly obvious that Penny had a lot more in her legs than a slow ride, so it was constant battle to either keep up or reign her in… LOL!  Eventually, we found the ultimate way to slow her up….. pack a couple of thousand motorcyclists into the small village of Oregonia and turn them loose to mill about on the trail from the parking field to the annual Devil’s Staircase event across the road.  Aye yai yai!!!!  What a friggin’ mess!!!  I try to be an advocate of motorcycles and be aware of their presence on the road, but I found it dichotomous that they can on one hand complain about they are treated on the road, and then in turn remain ignorant of the rules of walking/riding on a shared trail that is a main thorough fare for cyclists.   After enduring a few “less than friendly” comments from our motorized brethren as we made our way through the horde, I may be disinclined in the future to show any special deference to motorcycles on the road when I’m in a 4-wheeled vehicle.  It wasn’t much better with the law enforcement that were driving their cruisers on the path, forcing us to quickly dismount and climb into the grass and debris.  What was as bad were the LEO’s standing in the path and chatting that wouldn’t pause an obviously casual conversation to step aside slightly to let us through.  Instead, we had to dismount and walk around them on the grassy slope into the ditch.  Sons a bitches!!!

After this, the ice cream at the Corwin Peddler was indeed a treat!

Fortunately, the Oregonia mayhem was only on about a mile section of the trail, and by the time we got back from Corwin, much of the mob had dispersed, making it a bit easier to travel home bound on the trail.

Despite the excitement that we found in Oregonia, the rest of the ride was very uneventful and relaxing!  We certainly know now to avoid Oregonia during the second  weekend in October now.  I’m thinking that riding down to Loveland and Milford would have been a piece of cake by comparison, but at least I can say I’ve ridden a couple of miles of the trail with only one pedal clipped in and one foot ready to plant on the ground!


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