Northcoast Inland Trail (Fremont to Elmore)

October 8, 2008

Since I had to finish up training at Heinz this week, I was anticipating that I’d probably be accumulating some additional road miles during the week.  However, conversations with a friend (Scott Lang) in Fremont indicated that the section of the North Coast Inland trail from Fremont was about to be opened up and he’d ridden some of it the night before.  He assumed I knew where the start of the trail was, so I chuckled when I realized that his company (Motion Controls Robotics) had donated the land for the parking lot and trail head.

The section from Fremont to Elmore wasn’t to be officially opened until Sunday, but I road it anyway.  Unfortunately, there was yellow tape across each place the paved trail intersected the road, some places a bit muddier to get around the tape.

Lindsay is almost exactly the half-way point on the 10 mile section, so it provides a nice parking area for those that only want to do half of the trail at a time.

I had a nice conversation with a couple of walkers, a cyclist that had been a trail advocate, and a couple of construction guys that were grinding stumps from the sides of the trail.  This is a great addition to the North Coast Inland Trail, and a great way to get a flat 20 mile loop ride from Fremont to Elmore and back!

With an almost continuous segment from Clyde to Elmore, it will be interesting to see how they weave the trail through Fremont from Park Ave where the Fremont-Clyde segment ends over to Walter Ave on the West side of town where the Fremont-Elmore segment starts.


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