North Coast Inland Trail (Fremont to Clyde)

October 1, 2008

I lived most of my adult life in the Fremont/Clyde area of NW Ohio, so when I lined up some training at the Heinz plant where I’d worked 20 years earlier, I decided to take my bike.

I’d ridden the trail over 10 years ago when it was only between the outside of Fremont and downtown Clyde, because I lived about 2 miles from what was the trail head at that time.

Since they’d added more trail into down town Fremont, I decided to head that way first and get some pics.

Bike Bridge over Sandusky River

Bike Bridge over Sandusky River

The section they’d completed was pretty cool, and probably the toughest part through town…. over the Sandusky River.  I especially like how they have numerous trail connectors in Fremont so that people have the option of parking at the parks around town or riding/walking from their home.

Riding down into Clyde, I was a bit disappointed to see that the trail head hadn’t been extended past downtown (where it was over 10 years ago).  I guess they are in no hurry to connect Clyde to Bellevue… LOL

Here are the links to the picture gallery.


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