Testing the new light

September 30, 2008

I decided to try the Nite Rider mini-newt USB light for my bike.  With our rides starting less than an our before sunset (and continuing to march earlier), I finally hooked it up to my bike.  The unit is black and blends in with my bike quite well, so Penny didn’t noticed I’d installed it.  I made sure that we took a ride that was about 20 miles long, ensuring we’d return in the dark.

With the twilight still luminating most of the trail, I held off until we finally started riding into a nice dark tree canopy, then pressed the switch.  The amount of light was pretty impressive, and Penny immediately shrieked and exclaimed something to the effect of “you Ba$%$D”.  ROFL!!!!  (or is that “Rolling On TRAIL Laughing”).  It had the intended the effect and was well worth the surprise!

The light immediately paid dividends.  A family was walking toward on on the trail, and at the last minute my light lit up a cat.  It caught me by surprise, but I jinked around it.  Without the light, I would have plowed right over it.

I experimented with aiming the light up a bit higher to give me a bit more lead time.  Penny was even able to ride in front of me to use the light for navigation.

So far, so good.


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